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Most people might think that adopting two cats is a bigger burden and more work than adopting one, but this isn’t the case. The reality is there are more pros than cons when it comes to adopting two cats.

From preventing your cat from getting lonely to giving it an exercise buddy, adopting another feline is sure to bring fun and joy to your household. Click through for some key reasons why adopting two cats is better than adopting just one.

Maintain Strong Bonds

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Cats not only form bonds with their mothers and human owners, but also with other cats. Separating a bonded pair can cause great distress and anxiety in both felines.

You might notice that some of the cats in shelters are presented as a duo that should remain together. This is not merely because they want to adopt out more than one, but because the health and happiness of both cats depends on it.

Prevent Loneliness

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Cats are stereotypically thought of as solitary creatures, perfectly fine with being on their own. While this may be true with some cats, others like to have a playmate around. You definitely don’t want a lonely feline, because they can become destructive in their efforts to stay entertained. Both your cat and couch will thank you if you adopt another kitty.

More Exercise

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You might think that adopting two kittens can be quite the handful, but having two can actually make it easier on you. One kitten will look to you for all its needs, especially for entertainment and exercise. But if you adopt two, the cats will inevitably look to each other for playtime and attention. They can tire each other out by scampering around the house together.

Saving Two Lives

two cats being sweet at each other

According to data from the Humane Society, about 3 to 4 million cats are put down every year in shelters across the United States. Adopting two cats instead of one means you save two lives, and get double the love and affection in return. 

Better Grooming

tiger cat kissing black cat

Though they do a good job of grooming themselves, bonded cats are happy to lend a helpful lick to keep their best buddy clean. Felines are fond of grooming each other, especially in places that are hard to reach, like their heads and derrieres. 

Build Social Skills

cat yawning
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Having two cats increases the animal’s socialization skills. Well socialized cats make it easier if you need to combine households with someone who has other pets, potentially avoiding a hissing and scratching fit. You also don’t run as much risk of having a skittish, solitary cat that spooks easily.

Mutual Teaching

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Just like many other mammals, cats learn by example. Adopting two cats makes it easier for you during times of training. For example, an adult cat that knows how to use the litter box is an excellent teacher for a newly adopted kitten that needs to master potty training.

Minimal Extra Effort

two cats beside a scratch pole
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Don’t worry about the extra work it would take to adopt two cats instead of one. The great thing about felines is they’re incredibly low-maintenance. Adopting two is no more a burden on your lifestyle than one. Two cats can share toys, beds and scratching posts. In fact, the only supplies you’d have to buy two of are collars, food bowls and separate litter boxes. 

Cuddle Time

gray cats cuddling
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Is there anything cuter than two cats cuddling? Considering that cats sleep about 15 hours a day, it’s sure to make your feline content when it has a warm, furry body to share its naps with. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to snap some Instagram-worthy pictures of your snuggling cuties. 

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